Our Mission

To listen, discover, and apply together to achieve your career goals.

Be one of the hundreds of individuals we have helped!  Our founder spent years in administration, academia, and consulting with large organizations to create a formula for helping others achieve their career goals.  We deliver traditional and unique coaching methods to gain short-term wins and long-term success, and our work was recently showcased on CIO.com.

Our coaching is tested and ideal for technology and management professionals.  Our coaching can work for anyone who wants something more out of their career.

  • Listen
    • Understand you and your desired goals
  • Discover
    • Assist you in discovering opportunities and obstacles
  • Apply
    • Aid you in setting a course to accomplish your goals

If you are visiting our website, take the next step and contact us to set up a no-fee initial appointment, or find out how we can freshen up your resume.  See what others are saying about our coaching and resume writing.

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.
— John Wooden