"Andrew is very creative and knowledgeable in fine tuning a resume. While seeking employment I had seemed to have minimal responses to my resume. After I consulted with Andy about my resume he was able to help me maximize items and help with the presentation, which in turn created a much more desirable resume. He was great to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend his services!"

Susanne C. - Michigan

"It had been numerous years since my last career change and Andrew gave insightful, useful  advice on how to manage the change with both firms. What appeared to be a daunting and stressful move actually became a seamless and smooth transition.  I would have been completely lost without Andrew's assistance and professional expertise."

Joseph G. - Michigan

"The resume review is of tremendous value and I highly recommend it.  Looking forward to coaching on interviewing skills!"

Lori S. - Kentucky

"Andrew's personality and understanding is remarkable. He is one of the few people I know who can comfortably converse with the technically minded and able to translate and put into perspective the business side."

Anthony G. - Michigan

"His experience and ability to give wonderfully straight forward explanations made it a rewarding experience and a great way to finish my college career.  If you need guidance and you are not sure where to turn ask Andrew he is sure to help steer you right."

Joshua S. - Michigan

"He encouraged me to go above and beyond. His in depth technical and business experience provided me with guidance that helped me on the path to my successful career."

Wyatt R. - Colorado

"Andrew is a highly motivated individual with an extensive knowledge in technology and business.  I recommend Andrew as a coach to anyone.”

Nhat Q. - Michigan

“Methods used were translatable and unpretentious making a comfortable learning environment.”

Kristen H. - Michigan

“Andrew provides a real-life perspective and relevant experience as a manager.  I was able to understand the business motivations of my bosses as well as my clients.  This helps me be a better employee and consultant.”

Ismail S. - Illinois

“Mr. Ysasi has an uncanny ability to demonstrate and illustrate the important aspects of complex technological ideas and theories, as well as explain them in compelling an easy to grasp manner.  He would always points out the contrasts and implications of various theories and principles relating the more important facts and concepts to related fields of real world IT careers.”

Paul M. - Michigan

"I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew at a convention.  I heard about him from other professionals, but had no idea he was the kind of person I got to learn about.  He is a very caring and dedicated professional.  Andrew saw my frustration in the process I was taking and he offered his advice, which was highly appreciated.  The result is that I cam back with great advice and a direction that if I was to do it alone I would have been lost.  I highly recommend others to connect with Andrew to leverage his expertise and sincere advice as you build your future."

Camille H. - Ohio

"I had the opportunity to collaborate with Andrew on my resume.  It had been a while since I had updated it.  Andrew knew the right questions to ask and listened attentively during our discussions.  He knew exactly how to showcase my experience and highlight key points to present a concise story of my career...."

Kristine S. - Florida

"I worked with Andrew during a frustrating and difficult phase in my career.  Though I had been filled with self doubt, Andrew was able to help me see that my wrk experience and abilities had real value in the work force.  Andrew provided me wiht the encouragement and guidance I needed to get back on my fee and back into the work force with newfound confidence and enthusiasm."

Emily R. - Michigan

"Andrew is plugged into his network and takes the time to support the IG industry and those of use who work in it. He really came through for me when I needed someone that knows my profession to help me take a fresh look at my resume and revamp it. Andrew helped me make some drastic but ultimately needed design changes and reworked a lot of it to be what I needed. He knows his stuff both in IG and Professional Development, so I'm happy to recommend him to anyone looking for his help in those areas."

Michelle K. - Georgia

"I worked with Andrew recently as part of a resume makeover for a website series.  I was impressed with the transformation he gave to my story.  He did an expert job and did it surprisingly swiftly.  He spent the time gathering my input, but also worked around my schedule and made the process painless, even fun.  I would absolutely recommend Andrew's services to anyone with a resume, whether you're actively looking for a job, just prepared for it someday, even if you have a great resume, or are starting your career."

Joshua J. - Idaho